Black Berry Balsamic Vinegar

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11.8 oz

Price Per Bottle (11.8 oz)

Exotic and rich with blackberry flavor tastes as if straight from the bramble to your table! Delicious over fruit, mixed with yogurt, on a salad, or as a glaze for meat.

  • Flavor: Rich blackberry flavor, vine ripe fruitiness perfectly in balance with its sweetness.
  • Our Dark Raspberry Balsamic works well with salmon, pork chops, venison, and duck either as a reduction or finishing drizzle
  • Mix it with our Lemon Olive Oil for a refreshing vinaigrette over spinach or fruit salad.
  • Makes a wonderful sauce over fudge brownies, cheesecake, chocolate cake or vanilla bean ice cream.
  • Winner of the 2012 Sofi Gold Award for Outstanding Salad Dressing
  • Winner of the 2017 Good Food Award for Pantry

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