Ume Plum Sesame Seed

2.0 oz
These roasted sesame seeds flavored with dried ume plum belong to the category of « furikake », traditional Japanese seasoning. Sesame with Ume plums will increase deliciousness to your salads, sushi rice rolls, seasonings or simply a bowl of rice. You can even just eat the seeds on their own they are so delicious! They work well with beancurd, and also to garnish noodles and Asian salads. On an everyday level try sprinkling them on yogurt and porridge, and also to garnish plain vegetables such as broccoli or savoy cabbage for a real lift in flavor. 
  • Rich, nutty flavor with sweet undertones of plum
  • Adds a subtle crunchiness similar to tempura
  • A sweet alternative to Umeboshi (pickled plums) – ideal for Onigiri
  • RIch in heart-healthy oils and Omega-6

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